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An AI Analyst
personalized for
your Fund.

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Weeks of Due-Diligence done in seconds⚡️ 

  • Due-diligence completion scores for each company in your pipeline.

  • Prompts where further investigation is needed.


Bespoke Scouting based on Quality 🌱  

  • Investment recommendations based on quality, not quantity.

  • Sources, data, and expert contacts to deepen research.


Automate the Boring Bits 🤖 

  • One-click investment report creation.

  • Hymdal instantly inputs the questions you ask and the responses given by founders during meetings.


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Built from Experience

Our team has over 20 years experience in AI and investing, and has helped scale industry leading startups.

We're passionate about building products people love, and can't wait to bring you our next venture.

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