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AI-Supported Global Venture Scouting and Due-Diligence

Our Services

Quality Deal Flow Scouting

We scout the top percentile of startups and funds in the regions you're interested in. Giving you a boots-on-the-ground advantage.

Accelerate Your Due-Diligence with AI

Boost efficiency and add a layer of confidence to your operational due-diligence with our AI-powered Smart-DD.

Relationship Management

We believe that you can never take away the value of a human touch in bringing the investment relationships. That's why we facilitate every step of the process.

Investment Prediction & Matchmaking 

Our explainable AI matches early-stage investors with the most promising startups based on their investment objectives and risk appetite. 

Why Choose Hymdal?

Our AI-powered platform and team of experts provide our clients with the competitive edge they need to succeed in the global marketplace. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure our clients make informed investment decisions and maximize their returns.

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